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First MOD post...

Hey there kids!

First rule in a community that doesn't seem to have any:

Friends-lock your posts from now on, mkay?

There's a lot of freedom of discussion in this community. In an effort to maintain that please lock all posts. Posts that aren't locked will be rejected. But no biggie, just edit and resend.

PS. This also means that you have to actually join the community to see the posts.
I was just wondering if anyone had or knew where I could find some live Panic! songs apart from the ones from the boxset..

Also does anyone have any pictures of Brendon when he used to wear all those colourful bands on his wrists.. What ever happened to those?

Thanks =D

a request...

hi! *waves*
does anyone have the panic! cover of 'round here?
it would be greatly apperciated.
thanks very much in advance.

Who the heck is this guy?

He's with Ryan in about ten different pictures, and I've honestly never seen him before in my life. So if someone could clear that up for me, it'd be greatly appreciated. :)

May. 17th, 2007

Whats the most bizarre/crazy fact you've heard about the guys of Panic! ?

Ok, WHERE do you people get all of your pictures!? It's INSANE! I mean, I have a few too many  but the ones I see in some peoples icons are just like "WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!?" it's not about the pictures in general so much as me feeling all "left out"...but if I could find them I guess they'd be a pretty nifty thing to take a look at.
Umm.... Hi. Has anyone seen the new Tresemme commercial? The one about the hairstylist named Leo? Well, do you think he looks amazingly like Jon Walker? I do. Bye now.

I'm stealing some of your quetions =D..

What breed of dog DOES ryan have?
what song DOES brendon sing in the shower to warm up?
if you could..
could you maybe tell me more useless information you have that you think i might not know?